Elevator Incident by Patrick Hayden

The infamous “Elevator Incident” by Patrick Hayden. How else are you going to get your motorcycle to the top floor?

My name is Patrick Hayden. At age 33, single, no kids, no job, no home, fighting a losing uphill battle, finding myself in bad situation after bad situation, I made a drastic life changing decision. I got rid of everything I own to hop on a motorcycle and travel across the country making everything up as I go.


The expected official start date of this trip is on or around Late June or Early July, 2014. I’m hoping to be on the road for about a year and/or 50k-100k miles. I am going to do my best to earn/work/barter/trade for my food, gas, lodging and anything else I may need along the way. This site will be updated regularly throughout this adventure. I promise it will be a good mixture of humor, drama, action, horror, and sci-fi with a touch of documentary.


Want to get involved or help out?

I’m not looking for charity. I’m looking for assistance. There is a difference! Any kind of help or support that you can offer is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Depending on how you help out, you may get something in return for your troubles! Here are the best ways that YOU could possibly help out.

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  • Send people to this site online or by word-of-mouth!
  • Interact with me and comment on things to make the trip more interesting!
  • Offer suggestions for things to do and places to go!
  • Help me line up work/food/gas/shelter prior to arriving in new locations!
  • Advertise with Midlife Riding! Several unique options available!
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  • Or you can always Buy Me a Tank of Gas!


I think the video and information available in Episode 2 does the best job explaining this trip in detail. For additional information about me, this site, my journey, sponsorships, advertising, or if you just want to buy me a tank of gas to help keep me going, please read the About page.


“Home is where I park my bike!”


The map below links all posts on this site to locations where the posts occurred. Use this map to keep track of my progress and get an idea where I am and what I’m doing. You can simply click the individual pins to view the posts for that location.


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Patrick Hayden is the leader of a major world-wide movement. This movement is only 1 member strong (himself), has no purpose or direction, has no name, and only exists inside of his head, but he's still the leader of it nonetheless!

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